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EUB Pan No.:-AAAAE5369F

Registration No:-RS/NG/254/H/33

Unique Id: AS/2012/0054047

Parent Organization: Sankalpa

Chief Functionary: IRANI SAIKIA


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EUB shall work for Socio-Economic, Socio-Cultural and Rural Development of all section of the people irrespective of Religion, Caste, Creed, Language, Age & Sex and take steps to promote Literacy, Health and Hygiene, Youth Welfare, Ecology and Environment. Alleviation of Poverty, Women and Child Development etc. It’s a Non Political Non-Profit making institution and was formed for all round Development of the weaker, downtrodden and deprived section of the society with an aim for Education and providing a better standard of life.


The Aim & Objects of the society is to organize a Welfare Society for women,children,the weaker section and lower Income Group working classes of the Rural as well as Urban Areas.


Object :- The Main Purpose is noted below

1) To Explore with various Designs of weaving, Handlooms & Handicraft like Artistic Tribal Textile, Natural Indigo Dying, Mirizim, Languishing Craft, Wood Craft, Cane & Bamboo works, Metal Craft, Glass Ware etc. The Society will work hard for creating income generation of people providing Handicrafts and Handloom Products. Market promotion/Research/Export of Pre-dominate and Excellent valuable Handicraft/Handloom products of N.E. Region and other part of India to International level.

2. To arrange for establishment of Vocational, Educational and cultural Training Camp/Centers/Workshop with a view to promote those fields. To provide Fees, Books, Equipments, Scholarship etc. to deserving studied to be the art Free students homes & hotels.
3.   To organize & to take up Research & Preservation of  workshops, Drama Festival and work for the development of folk and traditional Cultures.
4. To make the Consumer Aware for their Rights and Duties and to take necessary measure to settle their Grievances if and when required.


5.To act in collaboration with Central Govt.,State Govt. and International agencies or any other appropriate agency for formulation and execution of projects which would further the objects of the society. To set up and operate schools/colleges and vocational institutes . To render assistance to Handicapped, mentally retarded, spastic, disabled, crippled etc.

6. To improve the conditions of the scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, other backward as Minorities and other  socially and Economically Backward section of the society.

7. Conserve and Preserve Natural Resources, Endangered floras and faunas etc. To organize Pissiculture, sericulture , agricultural farming at the private and public sector. To work for wild life protection, preservation of environment and ecology.

8. To take up Research Activities. Any other activities required for development of youths and the society. To propagate coconut cultivation and start coir and coconut based industries. To Propagate Medical Plants Cultivation and Research and Development. To create awareness on Road Safety and safe driving habits and conduct courses for the same.

9. Registration Under 12A, 80G & Other provision of Registration like FCRA etc. valid for the society with prohibiting the distribution of profits among the Members & distribution of Assests/Immovable Property in the event of Dissolution of the society.

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